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Caleb Collins, a virtuoso musician and accomplished music director, has forged an illustrious career spanning various genres and musical landscapes. Born with an innate talent for music, Caleb's journey began at the age of 12 when he started playing the piano in his local church. Little did he know that this initial step would be the prelude to a remarkable musical odyssey.

During his junior high years, Caleb showcased his versatility by not only playing the trumpet in the jazz band but also wielding the oboe in the concert band. His vocal skills grew as he sang bass in multiple choirs, showcasing his ability to master a diverse range of musical instruments and styles.

At the remarkably young age of 19, Caleb's talent and dedication were recognized as he assumed the role of a full-time music director at a church. This early milestone set the stage for a series of accomplishments that would follow.


Caleb's journey took a pivotal turn when he moved to Nashville and signed on as a staff writer for a record label. This move not only highlighted his songwriting skills but also opened doors to the heart of the music industry. His contributions did not go unnoticed, earning him two Dove Award nominations – a testament to his excellence in the contemporary Christian music scene.


The breadth of Caleb's talent spans over 20 years of music production, directing, performing and orchestration. He has taken on the role of music director in 6 different churches of diverse sizes and denominations, directing choirs of 6 to 300, showcasing his ability to adapt to various musical settings. His skills as a show band pianist on cruise ships added a glamorous touch to his resume, further establishing him as a versatile and sought-after musician.


In the dynamic music hubs of Nashville and New York City, Caleb demonstrated his prowess as a producer and orchestrator by successfully crafting 7 solo albums. His ability to blend genres and showcase his artistry on a grand scale is exemplified by his role as assistant director of a 6-time Grammy award-winning choir, which had the honor of performing at President Obama's second inauguration.


Caleb's influence extends into the realm of jazz, earning him a Grammy nomination for his outstanding work on a jazz standards album. His collaborations with symphonies and numerous orchestral commissions underscore his versatility to seamlessly navigate both classical and contemporary musical landscapes.


The Broadway stage also felt the impact of Caleb's talents as he worked as a transcriptionist for the show "Allegiance," featuring George Takei. This experience further solidified his standing in the industry, showcasing his adaptability to diverse musical environments.


An international performer, Caleb annually delights audiences in Germany with his concert tours, further expanding his global footprint. Back home in the United States, he directs a choir of 300 in Denver, orchestrating awe-inspiring performances at premier venues, including The Newman Center and the iconic Red Rocks Amphitheater.


Caleb Collins, with his myriad accomplishments, stands as a beacon of musical excellence, seamlessly blending genres and leaving an indelible mark on every stage he graces.

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